GEST CAMPELLO offer a comprehensive service, whether you wish to sell or rent your property, are looking for a house or business to buy, or you are searching for a villa or apartment to rent for your holiday.  GEST CAMPELLO will provide an efficient service, enabling you to reap the benefit of our experience and to give you peace of mind throughout the processes that are required.  Our aim is to justify your trust in our service.


GEST CAMPELLO can administrate both buildings and private homes.

Our Administration service includes taking care of all kind of administrative procedures and tax payments both local and income tax, wealth tax, etc.

Our Maintenance Service includes the management of both administrative procedures to the supervision and management of your home, vehicle, etc.


GEST CAMPELLO are insurance agents. We can offer you a full portfolio of insurances including home, vehicle, life, etc. at the best prices and managed directly through us, making life easy for you.